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Personal Returns Prices

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Basic Return


incl. GST

Per Return

Includes all T-slips, medical, donations, basic investment income

Includes year-round audit advisory service

Coupled returns get a $5 discount per return

Complex Return


incl. GST

Per Return

Includes basic return along with employment expenses, rental income, self-employed income, or extensive investment income

Includes year-round audit advisory service

Coupled returns get a $5 discount per return

Hourly Bookkeeping


incl GST

Per Hour

Includes comprehensive statements that you can understand

Free consultations

Monthly, quarterly, or yearly services available

See What People Are Saying

"Brandy is a phenomenal bookkeeper. She is quick, thorough and always explains everything in terms I can understand. I would highly recommend her services!"

Personal Tax Returns

I work out of my home in Mill Woods (just north of the 50 Street exit off the Henday). I work with clients by taking appointments (contact me via e-mail, text or phone for an appointment) to drop off documents and go over any questions or concerns you may have at that time (as well as by phone/e-mail/text if necessary as well). If I am working with a couple, only one of you is required to attend.

I take 1-2 business days to complete your taxes (if anything is missing, I will let you know as soon as possible so you can provide the necessary information), and I will notify you of the results and make another appointment for pick-up. When you come to pick up their documents, I will have you sign an Authorization to E-file form, which I keep, and provide you with a copy of your return along with all of your original documents. My invoice is then payable by cash, cheque, or EMT.

I also offer my locked mailbox as a way to quickly drop off items (documents must fit in an 8x11 folder and be able to fold a little) without making an appointment (this works really well for people who prefer to swing by very early in the morning before work, or late at night).

All services are also offered VIRTUALLY, through a combination of e-mail, Dropbox, receipt bank, and Quickbooks Online.


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